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Warranty & Care

N:rem Mattress 10 Year Warranty

You can rest assured with N:rem's 10-year warranty. From the date of delivery your mattress will automatically be eligible for its 10-year warranty meaning you can sleep easy for many nights to come.


What does the warranty cover?

The N:rem Mattress warranty covers any physical defect or change that occurs due to a result of manufacturing error. This includes:


  1. Any manufacturing fault which may cause a defect in the zip
  2. Dipping or sagging of the springs or foam which cause the mattress to sag by 2cm or more
  3. Any manufacturing defect in the cover or foam of the mattress (to be reported at point of delivery)


What the warranty doesn’t cover:

  1. Odour – your new mattress will give off an odour after it’s unpacked. Don’t worry – it is totally safe and the odour will disappear after a few hours. A well-ventilated room will help speed up this process.
  2. Discolouration – the colour of the foam is for guidance only and may discolour over time. This is not a fault with the foam, simply oxidation of the dye and will cause no damage to the structure of the mattress.
  3. Loosening of the cover – as above this is completely normal and will happen naturally over time. Loosening of the cover will not affect the performance of your mattress.
  4. Settlement of the foam – any settlement or shrinking of the foam up to a limit of 2cm
  5. Normal wear and tear - any normal wear and tear of the mattress. To include: fraying of the cover fabric; broken stitching; rips and tears in the cover or foam; any stains or marks to the mattress


This warranty does not affect your statutory rights and must be used in line with our mattress care and maintenance instructions as per below. To make a claim on your warranty please contact us at quoting your order or invoice number and a description of the issue. If you do not have your order or invoice number please provide us with your original order address and name the order was placed under.


Mattress Care and Maintenance

N:rem Mattress has been designed with hygiene in mind, offering a unique mattress which is easy to clean and keep fresh. Below are some simple instructions on how best to look after your mattress.


  1. Turning your mattress – N:rem is a no turn mattress, meaning less hassle for you and making it easier to get a good night’s sleep
  2. Cleaning your mattress – N:rem mattress has a unique zippable cover, meaning it can be removed for easy washing and cleaning. We recommend your N:rem mattress cover is washed at 30°C and air dried for freshness (do not tumble dry). Additionally, the foams inside your mattress can be removed for airing and vacuuming, helping to keep your mattress fresh for longer.
  3. Protecting your mattress – there is no need for a mattress protector as with N:rem mattress your cover can be easily removed for cleaning and replaced if damaged.
  4. Storing your mattress – we recommend that your N:rem mattress be kept on a flat level surface and is safe to be used on any standard divan, slatted or solid base. Do not bend or roll your mattress and do not store the mattress on its end or side as this will damage the springs.
  5. Using your mattress – take care not to use your N:rem mattress incorrectly as it may void your warranty. Do not sit on the side of your mattress for long periods of time, as this will cause uneven wear. Do not allow children to jump on the mattress, or place or store heavy objects on the mattress as this can damage the springs underneath. N:rem mattress is not recommended for use by anyone weighing over 16 stone.