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92% of customers would recommend N:rem to a friend or fellow chronic pain sufferer

This is the best mattress I have ever bought. I have fibromyalgia and didn't sleep much, but this had changed dramatically since I got the mattress.

A. Cruickshank

My N:rem mattress is so good it is really comfy and helps me sleep the night through with no pain. I would recommend it to everyone.

S. Rose

I would recommend this system to anyone, I have chronic back pain and fibromyalgia. I have gone from having little or no sleep to 6/8 hrs sleep.

P. Tipping

Best decision to get this mattress. My wife has fibromyalgia and I have ankylosing spondylitis, we have each side of the mattresses setup differently depending on our conditions.

D. Reynolds

One of the best mattresses I have ever had. So much better for my back as I have had a lot of problems with it. Would recommend to anyone with back or leg pain to buy one of these.

K. Mahoney

Having severe back pain for most my life, this mattress has helped no end, getting comfortable, falling asleep and waking up without aches and pains, amazing!

N. Swift
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