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Made Locally

All our foam is UK blown, mostly by British Vita, one of the pioneers of foam manufacturing. We only use their best quality Reflex product. They are all colour-coded to ensure all the different densities are clearly identified. Because they only make for UK manufacturing, it is automatically made all to British Standard and they are rigid about testing every week to ensure those standards are met or exceeded.

Breasley, one of the best foam converters over the last 40 years, then carefully cut and shape the foam, make, pocket and insert the steel springs and glue and assemble. The covers and zips are made in Bradford by Diamond Quilting. In order to be removable, the zips have to be a massive 26 foot long for the Super King and the sewing has to be skillfull and precise.

Making locally benefits UK jobs and skills and is also good for the environment by minimising your products carbon footprint. The N:rem mattress can be easily recycled here in the UK, where the foam is “crumbed” and typically used in carpet underlay.