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“Sleep is the golden chain that ties our health and our bodies together”

Posted on by Laura Dobson

4 Ways to relax before bed when suffering from chronic pain

Around the world, people struggle to relax and fall asleep. For chronic pain sufferers, constant pain and fatigue can make the simple act of getting to bed a rather stressful experience. However, when trying to get to sleep, having a relaxed body and mind is extremely important. So what techniques are available to ease you into sleep and when should you put them into practice? Here are 5 different options you can try: 1. Be organised:Human beings are creatures of habit. In order to be able to relax properly, you need to create a sleep routine which you will be... Read More

Posted on by Laura Dobson

4 Best yoga positions for a healthy back

It is back care awareness week this week which should remind us all of the fact that we are unfortunately taking our back for granted. From hours spent sat awkwardly on a chair in the office to forgetting to sit straight at the table during meals, we really tend to forget how to look after our back. In the UK alone, around 1 in 3 adult suffers from back pain every year and according to the NHS, 2.5 million of us are seeking help from their GP every year for back related issues. So let’s give our back some deserved... Read More