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New Bed, New You - March is National Bed Month

Posted on by Kathryn O'Hara

March is National Bed Month. For over 20 years the month has been dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of sleep and how it affects our health.

The average person spends one third of their life in bed. Add one or more chronic pain conditions in to the mix and that figure could double.

How old is your mattress?

We know that we should replace our mattress every 7-8 years, but we often leave it much longer than that, waiting until our comfort is seriously compromised before taking the plunge and investing in a new one. An old, uncomfortable and sagging mattress not only leads to poor sleep, but a range of health implications that can be avoided simply by having the right mattress. For a chronic pain sufferer spending more time in bed, a mattress will wear more quickly and may need replacing more often.

National Bed Month

Simon Williams, marketing manager at the National Bed Federation said:

“The foundation of a good sleep is a comfortable bed and the right mattress. It can be the difference between a restorative night’s sleep and poor quality sleep that results in fatigue. Making sure you get it right is vital.”

Take your time

Buying a new mattress is a huge investment that requires more than 2 minutes lying down in a shop to make the right choice. With so many options out there, it’s a daunting task to find the mattress that is best for you. Britain has a long history of producing some of the most innovative beds in the world, so when looking for a new one, make sure you stick to ones made in the UK.

Next, look out for a manufacturer that has been approved by the National Bed Federation. It’s easily identifiable with the ‘big tick’ logo. This is awarded to British manufacturers after they have been independently audited to make sure they follow all the required procedures to produce safe, clean and hygienic mattresses.

Now you’ve narrowed down your list, it’s time to research which mattress is best for you. Many people recommend orthopaedic or firm mattresses for people who suffer from back pain. Others recommend a soft memory foam mattress to provide pressure relief. Whilst one of these options may be suitable for some people, the chances are they will not provide enough comfort at the same time as providing enough support for a chronic pain sufferer with a condition such as Fibromyalgia or Arthritis.

We know that pain can strike at any time and in any part of the body, and sufferers often get stuck in a vicious cycle of increased pain and lack of sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle, but getting comfortable at night and getting a good night’s sleep is easier said than done. That’s why we have created a customisable mattress, specifically designed for chronic pain sufferers.

The N:rem, manufactured by an approved NBF member, is the only mattress that you can tailor to suit your own unique needs. Simply unzip the organic cotton cover and roll back the cooling blue foam to find a set of 10 foam tablets (5 in a single) in 3 different densities (4 soft, 4 medium, 2 firm) - sitting securely on top of 2,000 individual pocket springs. These foam tablets can be swapped around on both sides of the bed, to create a perfectly bespoke mattress that caters to your specific needs. What’s more, they can be changed around as often as you need, so when your pain changes, your mattress changes with you.

Buy your new mattress, without leaving the house

Getting out of the house to spend the day ‘testing’ mattresses in a store is probably the last thing you want to do. Ordering an N:rem mattress couldn't be easier. You can even have it delivered directly to your bedroom with our free 2 man delivery, plus all of our mattresses come with a 100 night no-quibble trial. Try one for yourself, if you don’t love it in 100 days we will come and collect it and refund you in full.

Simply go to our website to order your brand new N:rem mattress. It’s even available on a simple payment plan for just £30 a month - that’s £1 per day - cheaper than a daily cup of coffee! And, if you hurry, you can get your first monthly payment completely free! Just add the voucher code SLEEPWELL at the checkout.

The good sleep manual

A Guide to a better night's sleep for Chronic Pain Suffers

We are proud to launch our very first E-book, which will be a collection of useful tips to help Chronic Pain sufferers sleep better, as pain and sleep unfortunately often constitute a vicious cycle.

This is an issue we are hoping to solve, through some easy steps to follow around health, lifestyle and diet, to ease you into a better night’s sleep.

We have been fortunate enough to get some valuable help from 2 contributors who suffer themselves from Chronic Pain and have been keen to share their tips and personal journey towards a comfortable and refreshing night’s sleep.



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