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It's World Sleep Day

Posted on by Kathryn O'Hara

Friday 17th March is the 10th annual World Sleep Day. With over 72 countries taking part across the globe, it’s a day dedicated to the importance of sleep, and the prevention and management of sleep disorders.

The theme this year is Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life.

Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post states, “We are living in a golden age of sleep science - revealing all the ways in which sleep and dreams play a vital role in our decision making, emotional intelligence, cognitive function, productivity and creativity. Ultimately, science has proved that sleep is the ultimate performance enhancer. So, it’s clear that if we’re going to truly thrive, we must begin with sleep, the gateway through which a life of well-being must travel.”

Sleep impacts disease

For people who struggle to get a full night’s sleep without interruption, the impact on their health can be detrimental. Higher blood pressure, increased risk of diabetes and worsened symptoms linked to other chronic illnesses such as Fibromyalgia and Arthritis are all common in people who can not get a good night’s sleep.

Not only this, insomniacs are also more likely to suffer from psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Sleep impacts eating habits

When we’re sleep deprived, the production of the hunger hormone (Ghrelin) is increased, and Leptin - the hormone that tells us when we are full - is decreased. This makes us feel more hungry and therefore more likely to over eat. Not only this, but when we’re tired we don’t crave healthy food, we reach for the junk food that gives us a quick fix. A recent study revealed that sleep deprived people can consume an extra 385 calories every single day! It goes without saying that this can contribute towards obesity and even type 2 diabetes.

About World Sleep Day

Sound sleep, regular exercise and a balanced diet are the three pillars of good health. World Sleep Day takes place every year to help raise awareness of sleep disorders, and the burden that they place on society.

Up to 45% of the world’s population are affected by sleep problems like insomnia, and less than one-third of sufferers seek any professional help. But, sleep is crucial to our health and well-being. We spend up to one-third of our lives in bed, which can be increased further if you’re suffering from a chronic pain condition such as Fibromyalgia. In the short term, a bad night’s sleep can affect our attention span and make us feel groggy the next day. But, as mentioned above, longer term sleep deprivation has been linked to a range of health problems including diabetes and obesity, as well as psychological conditions such as depression.

The 10 Commandments

The World Sleep Society has created the 10 commandments of sleep hygiene for adults:

  1. Fix a bedtime and an awakening time
  2. If you’re in the habit of daytime napping, do not exceed 45 minutes in total
  3. Avoid excessive alcohol intake 4 hours before bedtime, do not smoke
  4. Avoid caffeine at least 6 hours before bedtime - including fizzy drinks and chocolate
  5. Avoid heavy, spicy or sugary foods 4 hours before bedtime. A light snack before bed is okay
  6. Exercise regularly, but not just before bed
  7. Use comfortable bedding
  8. Find a comfortable temperature setting for sleep. Keep the room well ventilated
  9. Block out any noise and keep the room as dark as possible
  10. Don’t use the bedroom for an office or workroom, keep it for a place of sleep

You can read more about World Sleep Day on their website.

Improve your sleep

We know how difficult it can be to get a good night’s sleep. Especially when you’re suffering from a chronic pain condition that stops you from getting comfortable. We created the N:rem mattress to help create the most comfortable sleeping experience possible for people with chronic pain.

It’s made up 2,000 pocket springs, a cool blue temperature regulating layer, and a unique, customisable foam layer containing 3 different densities of foam in soft, medium and firm.

Everybody experiences pain differently, so a mattress that is comfortable for one person, may not be for another. With the N:rem, you can tailor your mattress to suit your exact needs, and your partner can tailor their side too - so there’s no compromise when it comes to comfort!

The good sleep manual

A Guide to a better night's sleep for Chronic Pain Suffers

We are proud to launch our very first E-book, which will be a collection of useful tips to help Chronic Pain sufferers sleep better, as pain and sleep unfortunately often constitute a vicious cycle.

This is an issue we are hoping to solve, through some easy steps to follow around health, lifestyle and diet, to ease you into a better night’s sleep.

We have been fortunate enough to get some valuable help from 2 contributors who suffer themselves from Chronic Pain and have been keen to share their tips and personal journey towards a comfortable and refreshing night’s sleep.



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