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Fancy a Lie In?

Posted on by Kathryn O'Hara

The clocks go back on Sunday, which means we get an extra hour in bed in the morning! Coincidentally, it’s also National Lie In Day, so it would be rude not to take advantage of that extra hour.


For some people, that’s easier said than done.


How many nights have you tossed and turned, struggling to get comfortable because you’re in pain?


When you suffer from a painful condition like Fibromyalgia or Arthritis, it can be nearly impossible to get a good night’s sleep. Finding the mattress that can give you the right amount of support, yet still be comfortable seems like the thing of dreams.


You get stuck in a vicious cycle. The pain makes it difficult to get to sleep, but the lack of sleep makes the pain even worse, ultimately affecting your general health and wellbeing, and not to mention your mood.


Everybody has pain in different places. A mattress that feels comfortable beneath your hips may be making your back pain even worse. When buying a mattress, it’s impossible to choose what level of comfort to go for because the pain you suffer that day may not be the same pain you feel in a week or two. So how do you decide which part of your body has to suffer so another part can be comfortable?



We all know how important sleep is for good health, so why are we compromising on our mattress and not giving ourselves the best chance at a good quality night’s sleep?


At N:rem we know that the pain you have one day may not be the pain you have the next, so we want you to get the right amount of support and comfort where you need it at that moment. That’s why we created the N:rem sleep system. It’s the only mattress you can customise to your specific needs. You receive 5 interchangeable blocks of foam in 3 different densities, which you can move around according to your pain locations, helping you to get more comfortable at night.


To help you get a little more comfortable


Find out more about the N:rem sleep system on our website here. Plus, order over Halloween to be entered in to the prize draw to WIN a luxury hotel quality bedding set worth up to £90. All you need to do is order any size N:rem mattress between 26th October and 1st November and you will be automatically entered.

Order your N:rem mattress here.

The good sleep manual

A Guide to a better night's sleep for Chronic Pain Suffers

We are proud to launch our very first E-book, which will be a collection of useful tips to help Chronic Pain sufferers sleep better, as pain and sleep unfortunately often constitute a vicious cycle.

This is an issue we are hoping to solve, through some easy steps to follow around health, lifestyle and diet, to ease you into a better night’s sleep.

We have been fortunate enough to get some valuable help from 2 contributors who suffer themselves from Chronic Pain and have been keen to share their tips and personal journey towards a comfortable and refreshing night’s sleep.



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