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Fall in Love with Sleep Again

Posted on by Kathryn O'Hara


When you suffer from a chronic pain condition, getting a good night’s sleep seems like a fantasy. When you can’t get that all important rest, pain increases, making it more and more difficult to break the cycle of escalating pain and sleep deprivation.

Sleep doesn’t only help with pain, it has many other health benefits too. It helps our immune system, keeps our mood steady, reduces stress and helps the brain to learn and remember new things from the day before.

Treat yourself this Valentine's Day and fall in love with sleep again:

Epsom Salt

Take a long soak in the bath with some Epsom salt. You can also add some lavender essential oil which promotes sleep and will help to prepare your body for rest and relaxation. Aim to bath at least an hour before bed so your body has time to cool down before you try to sleep.

New Pyjamas

Everybody loves getting a new set of pyjamas, especially when they’re soft and cosy. If you overheat easily get something light and airy like silk or cotton. A dressing gown and slippers will help make you feel extra snug for the ultimate night in.

Switch Off

Prepare some breakfast the night before - or get someone else to make it for you in the morning. Pick out a selection of movies, surround yourself with cushions and spend the day relaxing. Don’t even think about cooking dinner. Order a takeaway, light some scented candles, sip on some soothing camomile tea and relax!


It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without some chocolate. Milk chocolate contains dopamine which can disturb your sleep, so opt for dark chocolate instead, which contains serotonin and helps relaxation. Don’t feel guilty about eating the whole box - you deserve it.

Make Sure You’re Comfortable

Getting comfortable is difficult for anybody suffering from a chronic pain condition, but finding the right mattress can make a world of difference. Everybody is affected differently by their pain and a mattress that feels like a cloud to one person may feel like a brick to another. The N:rem Sleep System is a completely customisable mattress solution for chronic pain sufferers. It’s interchangeable reflex foam layer means you can tailor the amount of comfort and support down the length of the mattress to suit your exact needs. Find out more about the N:rem Sleep System.

These tips are designed to not only make your Valentine’s Day special, but to improve your sleep. There’s many other tips and tricks that can help you to improve your slumber, like inhaling through your left nostril!

The good sleep manual

A Guide to a better night's sleep for Chronic Pain Suffers

We are proud to launch our very first E-book, which will be a collection of useful tips to help Chronic Pain sufferers sleep better, as pain and sleep unfortunately often constitute a vicious cycle.

This is an issue we are hoping to solve, through some easy steps to follow around health, lifestyle and diet, to ease you into a better night’s sleep.

We have been fortunate enough to get some valuable help from 2 contributors who suffer themselves from Chronic Pain and have been keen to share their tips and personal journey towards a comfortable and refreshing night’s sleep.



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