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Create the perfect festive bedroom for your guests this Christmas

Posted on by Kathryn O'Hara

Christmas is a time for friends and family to come together and celebrate, but if you have people staying with you it can be stressful, not to mention they might not sleep well in a new environment, and nobody wants their guests to be groggy in the morning. Transform your spare room and help your guests to get a good night’s sleep with these top tips.

Keep it tidy.

The spare room is probably where you store things you don’t really need. Get some boxes and clear the space, your guests won’t be able to relax if they’re surrounded by clutter.

Make it cosy.

A cosy bedroom makes for a relaxing sleep. Keep the temperature between 18-21 degrees, but make sure you provide blankets for your guests to snuggle in to. Make them feel extra special by providing a hot water bottle and some bed socks and make sure the sheets are fresh and clean and there’s plenty of pillows available.

Add festive touches.

When your guests are trying to sleep, the room needs to be as dark as possible, but small touches like fairy lights around the mirror will add a festive sparkle when they are relaxing or getting ready for bed. A stocking on the end of the bed with a small treat inside is also a great addition.

Make it a sanctuary.

We know that Lavender is the scent of sleep. Transform your spare room in to a sanctuary where your guests can relax by adding lavender scented candles, pillow sprays and room sprays. Leave eye masks and slumber gel on the bedside table, or better yet, in the stocking. Not only will it help them to slip in to a slumber, but they will appreciate the extra thought that has gone in to their stay.

Make the room a place where you would want to spend time yourself. If you are happy with it, the chances are your guests will be too. A few little touches will make a huge difference to their experience this Christmas.

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