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N:rem Mattress

How It Works

What makes the N:rem so special?

I have chronic pain, will the N:rem help?

Who is this suitable for?

Is this suitable for my partner who does not suffer with pain?

How does the tablet system work?

How will I know what combination of tablets to have?

Can I buy extra foam tablets?

Does it work for side sleepers?

Is the mattress anti-dust mite?

How It's Made

What is the N:rem made of?

What is reflex foam? How is it different from memory foam?

How does the Viscoool layer regulate temperature?

Doe your mattress contain latex?

Who manufactures the N:rem?

Is the N:rem mattress environmentally friendly?

How is it tested?

What safety certificates do you have?


How much does delivery cost?

How long does delivery take?

How do you arrange delivery?

Can I add extra delivery details?

How will my mattress be delivered?

Can I choose my delivery date?

Will you take my mattress to my bedroom?

Where do you deliver to in the UK?

Will you take away my old mattress?


What is your returns policy?

What is the returns process?

Do I have to pay for the return?

Who will remove my mattress if it’s returned?

Do I need to keep the packaging when the mattress is delivered?

Payment Plan & 0% Finance

How can I pay for my order?

How do I order on the interest free payment plan?

What happens once I order on the payment plan?

Will I qualify for the interest free payment plan?

Why was my credit application declined?

I am VAT exempt, can I order without the VAT?

Our Customer Service & Promise

Can I test the mattress? Do you have a showroom?

How does the 100 night trial work?

What is the 10 year warranty?

What if I have a question about my N:rem mattress?

Using and Caring for Your N:rem Mattress

When can I start sleeping on my new mattress?

Does the mattress work with all bed bases?

Will I need to turn my mattress?

Do these work on adjustable/electric beds?

Can you use electric blankets with this?

Will I feel my partner moving?

How do I take care of my N:rem?

How can I clean my mattress?

What is a person’s maximum recommended weight for the N:rem?

How deep is the mattress?

How much do the mattresses weigh?

Will my mattress smell when it is delivered?